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    • 2 CEU's Systemic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART) Infidelity Counseling - Presented by Dr. Talal Alsaleem, PsyD. - Founder Infidelity Counseling Center

    2 CEU's Systemic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART) Infidelity Counseling - Presented by Dr. Talal Alsaleem, PsyD. - Founder Infidelity Counseling Center

    • Fri, December 13, 2019
    • 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (MST)
    • Clear Recovery Center 18123 Prairie Ave, Torrance 90504


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    Presented by Dr. Talal Alsaleem, PsyD., LMFT

    Presenter Bio:

    Award-winning marriage counselor and researcher, Dr. Talal H. Alsaleem is recognized as a leading expert in the field of infidelity counseling. He is the author of the acclaimed book, Infidelity: The Best Worst Thing that Could Happen to Your Marriage, and the founder of the Infidelity Counseling Center.  His research interests and clinical work are focused on identifying the causes of infidelity and providing the best treatment for recovery from its impact. He developed Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy (SART) ™, a method of infidelity counseling that has helped hundreds of couples navigate the challenges of the healing journey from affairs. Dr. Alsaleem is an international lecturer and speaker. His engaging talks have helped many counselors broaden their understanding of infidelity and gain the necessary clinical tools to help their clients recover from affairs. Learn more at​

    Course Description

    Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy was developed to provide counselors of all levels with a strategic and adaptive treatment method for helping couples heal from the trauma of sexual and emotional affairs. The workshop was created to introduce counselors of all levels to the core principles of infidelity counseling and provide an overview of the Systematic Affair Recovery Therapy treatment framework.

    Educational Goals

    Completing this workshop will expand your understanding of the process of healing and introduce you to the clinical tools you need to help your clients recover from the trauma of infidelity. The knowledge base you will gain from this workshop as well as the clinical interventions you will learn about are based on extensive clinical work with couples dealing with infidelity.

    Course Objectives

    •  Participants will be able to list the core principles of infidelity counseling.
    • Participants will be able to list the seven milestones of healing from infidelity.
    • Participants will be able to identify the clinical treatment challenges of infidelity counseling.


    1)    Infidelity Counseling Core Principles

    a) Operational definition of infidelity

    b) The main goal of infidelity counseling

    c) The importance of the narrative

     2)  Milestones of Recovery

    a)    Setting the Stage for Healing

    b)    Getting the Story

    c)    Acknowledging the Impact

    d)    Choosing a Path

    e)    Creating a Plan of Action

    f)     Implementation and Healing Pains

    g)    Monitoring and Sustainability

    3) Clinical Challenges

    a)    Role of the Therapist

    b)    Transference and Counter transferences

    c)    Session structure and format

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