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L O N G  B E A C H  -  S O U T H  B A Y
C H A P T E R  O F  C A M F T


    LB-SB CAMFT recognizes that as an organization we have not been as aware of or done enough to address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We acknowledge that we have a lot to learn and we have work to do. We commit to working in practical and substantive ways to take action in both our organization and our community to learn about and remain aware of longstanding patterns of historical and systemic discrimination and biases, and to take action towards breaking these patterns. 

    We recognize that discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, indigenous heritage, immigration status, religion, socioeconomic status, marital/relationship status contributes to disparities in power, privilege, influence, control, and opportunities in our organization and in our community. 

    The Board of LB-SB CAMFT commits to the following action items: Plan of Action for 2021/2022

    1. We commit to active recruitment for membership of underrepresented portions of our community, based on data analysis.
    2. We commit to improving our demographic data collection and data analysis that will inform recruitment, programming, and retention.
    3. We commit to fostering spaces that are responsive to the needs of underrepresented affinity groups of therapists, for example: consultation groups, networking events, and other opportunities for connection.
    4. We commit to amplifying and highlighting community members and organizations offering low-fee and sliding scale resources, and specialized services to underrepresented populations. 
    5. We commit to programming that increases awareness around diversity, inclusion, and social justice. 
    6. We commit to active recruitment of Board members, committee members, and volunteers that reflect the diversity of our membership. 
    7. We commit to continuing to work on our Grievance and Resolution Process. 
    8. We commit to providing training with diverse presenters that intentionally address issues around diversity, inclusion, and social justice. 
    9. We commit to a designated budget for our Diversity Initiatives, including events, training, and resources for the Diversity Committee. 
    10. We commit to intentionally including diversity, equity, and inclusion in every single role on the board of directors while continuing to adjust each role as we commit to learning and growing on these topics. 


    To get involved with making LBSB CAMFT more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, contact Dr. Smita Kapoor, DEI Director, at

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